Miss America

This piece is my first mixed media work in a while. I collected headlines from the last year that show the social upheaval we have all been witnessed to. These were laser printed in reverse onto a plain piece of paper, coated with gel medium, that applied to the oil painting (16" x 20" canvas). When dry, I used water to remove the paper, thus leaving the ink behind on the canvas. I then purchased an ornate gold frame that I distressed with chalk paint. Once attaching the painting to the frame I let the red portions of the USA flag drip over and onto the frame. The implications are clear (well, I believe they are. lol).

Here's my description for an upcoming juried show I'm attempting to get this piece into:

2020-21 headlines drape a symbolic icon of our country's purity as we are forced to re-examine how we perceive our past, present and future based on what has transpired during the last year.

23" x 29" mixed media


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