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Friday, October 25, 2013

Standing on the Dock of the Lake

My busy schedule has precluded me from painting recently. As I've stated before, taking even a week off causes my painting abilities to regress, so attempting a painting with water, sky and mountains is pretty daunting. I'm happy with the outcome though.

This is a photo from our trip to Canaan Valley, WV this past summer. We always stay at a friends cabin, which by the way is available to rent, click here to visit. North Lake Cabin has the only deep water lake in the valley and is full of hungry fish. Not to mention that Canaan Valley is one of the best places in the whole state. That's my brother-in law Brian DuBois standing there like a Greek statue. Nice job Brian.

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6" x 6" Oil on gessoboard

Thursday, October 10, 2013

One In, One Out

This is my third version of these flowers. This one is definitely the best of the group. I'm very happy with my brush strokes and color mixing. I think I might have one more in me before the flowers completely die.


still life,oil on gessoboard,6x6,price $40

6" x 6" Oil on gessoboard

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

More Flowers in a Vase

This is better. Getting back into the swing with this one. It's funny how much momentum I lose over just a short month of idle time. I did a much better job of painting the flowers. I think tomorrow's piece should have more contrast with the flowers and background. I'd also like to try and get a more pinpoint lighting setup. 

FYI, this Saturday, October 12th, I will be at the East End Bazaar in Charleston, WV selling handmade framed paintings (only $60 each). My 11 year old daughter Madeline, will also be selling a couple of her pieces. She's much more experimental than I am, so if your looking for something wild, come by and visit us.

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still life,oil on gessoboard,6x6,price $40

6" x 6" Oil on gessoboard

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Stolen Flowers

I'm back behind the easel with this new piece. Once again, I cannot take a week off anymore. A week off always becomes 4 weeks. Lesson learned, I think.

As I was dropping my sister-in-laws carpet shampooer off to her (I know, TMI), I notice that she had several arrangements of these great looking flowers in her home. So, like the moocher I am, I manage to finagle one from her. I'm going paint several compositions with these until they die off. Wish me luck.


still life,oil on gessoboard,6x6,price $40
6 x 6 Oil on gessoboard