Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dock in Sunlight

Last year our family went on a vacation with our good friends the Morrisseys to Typee Island, Ga. I took a lot of photos while there and in Savannah, Ga., which is a short drive from the beach. This is one of those photos.

Recently I picked up a few DVDs on color, design and plein air painting. I was very excited with them and began to put into practice what I was learning. I painted about seven small 8" x 10" pieces. Though the compositions were good in each, the colors were awful. I wasn't sure what was going wrong. 

I've been trying to "think" more than "paint" while working, but I still was struggling. Something wasn't right. Two weeks of painting and nothing to show for it. 

A couple days ago I ran across the notes I had taken at a recent painting workshop. As I read through them I discovered the source of my problem...I had changed the hues I had been accustomed to painting with. Not all of them, but about half. It's amazing how much that upset my flow. 

This painting is my first after the 'ah ha" moment.