Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Another Go

My second painting is complete utilizing the workshop techniques I learned. I saw this scene in Kanawha State Forest at Ellison Pond this past summer. I'm happy with the finished product on this one, though I didn't let the under-painting pop through like I was intending to do. Sometimes thinking more and painting less works better than others.

PS: I'll be setting up for ArtWalk next Thursday, December 18th at the Capitol Conference Center at 815 Lee Street E. in Charleston. I'll have this painting framed, along with a few other landscapes for sale. "What a great Christmas present that would make!" you say.

Fishing Hole

9" x 12" Oil on board

I'm back from my workshop

Three weeks ago I attended a 4 day painting workshop at the Art Studio in Easton, Md. The instructor was Shelby Keefe, an impressionist painter with a neat technique of applying bright, complementary-colored under-paintings in acrylic to your canvas, then when dry (just a few minutes) painting in oil over that in a bold impressionistic style, letting the under-painting pop through. Well, I'm not there with the "bold impressionistic style" yet, but I'm working on it.  

This depicts a late evening summer sun spreading across the porch of an old Victorian home on the east end of Charleston.

Here is my first attempt of applying what I learned. 

Fading Summer

12" x 9" Oil on board