Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 61

This one started out a little rough. But I continued to push through and I'm very happy with the final piece. I've come to realize that being in the correct state of mind before beginning to work, and having the confidence in the end result during the work, are two key elements to a successful conclusion. Sometimes these two simple things are not so simple.

As I began to paint last night, my dog Ollie started barking at some imaginary creature in our front yard. After giving him my instructions to "shut up", which I can't believe he couldn't understand, I had to close the blinds. With a whimper, he followed me downstairs. 

Ahh, now I'm in the correct state of mind.

About an hour into the painting, I heard that familiar voice "This piece isn't going anywhere. Time to start over." But I resisted and plowed forward. One of the advantages of painting with oil....no matter how messy the painting gets, you can always clean it up with a few well placed strokes of paint. 

Confidence is a good thing.

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Warm Peppers

6" x 6" oil on gessoboard

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 60

Whoa! It really has been over two months since I posted a daily painting. February 21st to be exact. As I was setting up this post, I was thinking it had been about a month. Well, I'm back on the trail.

Sneaky people. My sister-in-law Kathleen, is a sneaky person. We have our own blog for Progressity (link here), and she hadn't posted any new content recently. She emails me yesterday and challenges me with a wager, whoever doesn't post a blog by Friday would have to buy lunch. Well, everyone knows that dangling a free meal in front of me will always get me going. So here is my entry to the contest. (she actually posted her blog earlier today and made sure I knew about it.).

Sneaky people. My sister Cathy is also one of those. I had set up this still life right after Easter, but never got around to painting it. So as I proclaimed to my daughter Maddie my intention of painting tonight, she came clean. Her Aunt Cathy had eaten some of the candy. Aunt Cathy had then proceeded to roll the empty foil wrapper into the shape of the others candies and put it back in the cup. Busted! (and yes, that blob on the bottom right is an empty candy wrapper)

PS: Though I feel terrible about missing so much painting time, my reason was valid. Progressity's business has sky rocketed since the year struck 2013. This has required me to work extra hours and evenings. So, though I feel bad about missing my nightly paintings, work always comes first. Here's to continued business and daily paintings.

Cathy Teel Has Been Served

6" x 6". Oil on gessoboard