Monday, June 15, 2015

The Witch's Home

When our girls were small, I used to tell them that this large brick Victorian home in St. Albans, WV was owned by a witch. They would try to look into the windows as we drove by. I've painted this house several times. This is from a photo reference last fall.

There's No Place Like Home

11' x 14" Oil on canvas

Saturday, June 13, 2015

East End

Another painting that will be in my show this September. I like the way the low setting sun was casting shadows across this home. I thought the car turned out quite well also.

East End Home, Setting Sun

11" x 14" Oil on canvas

Friday, June 12, 2015

Scenes from Wilmington, NC

As I post this, our family is vacationing in Wilmington, NC. I was here last spring and took some reference photos. This scene was in the historic district during a horse drawn tour.

Wilmington Shady Street

24" x 24" Oil on canvas

Thursday, June 11, 2015

My sister's adventure

So, my sister Cathy likes to explore abandon houses she stumbles upon. She discovered this gem earlier in the year and finally convinced my brother and I to go exploring. This house had been empty for quite some time and probably wasn't the safest place to look around in.

For some reason I really connected with the look of this property and managed to shoot a lot of images for upcoming paintings. I really like the dark and light shapes in this composition. It has a nice abstract form to it. My Appalachia Gothic piece was also from the same location.

A neighbor that lives across the street from this home came over and gave us a history of the family that onced lived there. There's a family cemetery in the woods behind the home. Very rural West Virginia.

This will also be in my upcoming show in September.

Dark Stairwell

18" x 24" Oil on canvas

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Stream Exam

Our family spends a week in Canaan Valley, WV each summer. In addition to hiking, biking, etc., we do a lot of fishing in some of the small lakes. When we stay at our friend Tom Barton's cabin, visit please, we like to gather bait from the small mountain streams in the area. Minnows, crayfish (or crawdads), worms are everywhere to be had. These are my girls and some old man (me), collecting bait.

PS: This painting will be in my September 17th show at the Art Emporium in Charleston, WV.

Stream Gatherers

24" x 24" Oil on canvas.