Plein Air Paintings

2014 Canaan Valley paintings from early spring.


Every year our family takes a trip to Canaan Valley, WV. My wife's family has been making this trek since before she was born. Although we've been there during most seasons, recently we've been spending a week there in the summer. Because of the high altitude, it's a good break from the heat and the scenery is incredible. For the last few years we've stay at a cabin owned by a friend of ours. (click here to visit the website). I highly recommend staying at Northlake Cabin. They have a deep water lake and several smaller ponds all stocked with bass. If you fish the pond near the community area, say hello to the "Big Kahuna" for me.

This year I committed to painting five 8" x 10" plein air paintings. I really enjoyed working on these and I think I nearly encountered a bear as I worked on the "Blackwater Trail" piece. Whistling and singing loudly seems to be a good bear repellent.

So, here's the five I came back with. These are all 8' x 10", oil on canvas board.

Blackwater Trail

Cabin Wrap Around

 Early Morning Farm

Forest Opening 

Late Evening Light


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